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Dollar Tree NASCAR Sponsorship

Dollar Tree Secures Major NASCAR Team Sponsorship for 2024 Season

In a groundbreaking move, Fortune 500 giant Dollar Tree has inked a significant sponsorship deal with Legacy Motor Club, a major Dollar Tree NASCAR sponsorship team led by the legendary Jimmie Johnson. This landmark agreement, spanning an impressive 38-race schedule, solidifies Dollar Tree’s presence in the high-octane world of NASCAR throughout the entirety of the upcoming 2024 season.

Unveiling Dollar Tree NASCAR Sponsorship a Rare Three-Year Pact

The deal, set to be officially announced, is shrouded in anticipation as financial details remain undisclosed. The spotlight will shine on either driver Erik Jones’ No. 43 Toyota, John Hunter Nemechek’s No. 42 Toyota, or Johnson’s No. 84 Toyota, adorned with the unmistakable branding of Dollar Tree or Family Dollar at every race this season.

A Departure from the Norm

In an era where full-season NASCAR deals have become increasingly scarce, Dollar Tree’s commitment is both remarkable and noteworthy. Such agreements traditionally command a hefty price tag, often exceeding $10 million annually, translating to approximately $250,000 per race. This signals Dollar Tree’s ambitious foray into the realm of NASCAR, surpassing its previous ventures with occasional paint schemes to embark on its most significant deal in the sport to date.

A Strategic Acquisition Market Expansion

The Chesapeake, Virginia-based company’s strategic acquisition of Family Dollar in 2015 sets the stage for this monumental deal. The synergy between Dollar Tree’s fixed price points of $1 or less and Family Dollar’s multi-price-point model has resulted in a combined network of 16,000 stores across 48 states. This move not only expands Dollar Tree’s market footprint but also positions it as a formidable force in the highly competitive retail landscape.

A Shift in Dynamics

The NASCAR landscape witnessed Dollar General’s exit from the racing scene in 2016, marking a shift in the competitive dynamics. Dollar Tree’s move to secure this extensive sponsorship deal not only marks a pivotal moment in its racing history but also positions it as a frontrunner in the battle for brand visibility within the NASCAR circuit.

A Statement from Dollar Tree CMO

Rick McNeely, Dollar Tree NASCAR sponsorship Dollar Tree’s Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the company’s motivation behind the deal. In a statement, McNeely expressed the company’s intent to “spotlight our brands to fans of the exhilarating and high-octane sport of NASCAR.” This strategic alignment between Dollar Tree’s brand identity and the NASCAR fanbase underscores the potential for immense brand exposure and engagement.

Legacy’s Winning Streak

Legacy Motor Club, undergoing a transformation from Chevrolet to Toyota this year, adds another layer of excitement to the sponsorship deal. The anticipated boost in performance, coupled with recent partnerships like the one with AdventHealth, positions Legacy as a formidable contender in the upcoming NASCAR season.

Commencement and Strategic Races

The sponsorship kicks off at the Busch Light Clash at the L.A. Coliseum on Feb. 4. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar paint schemes will grace Legacy’s cars, creating a visual spectacle for fans. Jimmie Johnson, now a part-time driver, will showcase the brands at key races, including the Dover race in April, the Kansas race in September, and the Las Vegas race in October.

CMO Insights

Larry Gatta, Chief Marketing Officer for Family Dollar, highlighted the broader impact of the deal. Gatta noted that the partnership provides an “even greater platform to attract new shoppers to Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.” This emphasis on expanding its customer base aligns with Dollar Tree’s strategic objectives in a competitive retail landscape.

Vendor-Based Approach and Industry Insights

Notably, the mention of vendor partners draws parallels with Dollar General’s past NASCAR program. Rick Dreiling, former CEO of Dollar General and current CEO of Dollar Tree, brings a unique perspective to the table. The vendor-based approach involves companies that sell products in the retailer’s stores contributing to the sponsorship and fostering mutually beneficial business relationships.

Industry Expert Opinion

Industry expert Jim Richards, President and CEO of The Market Share Group, commends the strategic alignment of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Tree NASCAR sponsorship demographics and regions. Richards envisions parallels with Dollar General’s vendor-based program, citing its effectiveness in gaining preferred-nation status for the brand and helping offset costs.

Financial Performance and Market Position

Dollar Tree’s positioning at No. 144 on the 2023 Fortune 500 list, with a robust fiscal outlook, speaks volumes about its resilience and growth in a challenging retail environment. Recent earnings reports highlight the company’s impressive performance in growing traffic, unit sales, and sales per square foot.

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Stock Market Snapshot

As of the latest update, Dollar Tree’s stock is trading at $136.94 a share, reflecting its stability and strength in the market. This snapshot provides investors with valuable insights into the company’s financial health and market positioning.


Dollar Tree’s strategic move to secure a comprehensive NASCAR sponsorship with Legacy Motor Club marks a significant milestone in the company’s history. The three-year deal, with its extensive race coverage, positions Dollar Tree and Family Dollar as prominent brands in the exhilarating world of NASCAR. As the racing season unfolds, the collaboration between Dollar Tree NASCAR sponsorship Dollar Tree and Legacy Motor Club promises to captivate fans, elevate brand visibility, and set new standards for corporate engagement within the NASCAR community.


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